Saturday, January 31, 2009

A productive day around here...

It was a pretty busy day around here on Friday. The tree trimmers were here bright and early working on our biggest tree. I can't say that I was sad to see it go, branches from that bad boy almost went through our house...TWICE! It took the guys the entire day to whittle it down and the yard was completely covered in branches. Our yard looks so barren now so I got out my trusty notebook and have been making landscaping plans. The yard is a blank canvas now and I'm hoping to bring it to life this spring with scalloped beds and perennial plantings!
The boys were dying to watch the tree trimmers, so I took them out back and they played and watched safely from the field. It was such a gorgeous day that I got Doug to haul out my thrift store desk and bookcase so I could paint them.
I found these cool wooden decals and hot glued them to the desk drawers for a little visual interest, then I primed and painted most of the afternoon.
I think the desk turned out really nice.
Not bad for a ten dollar find!

And here's my little sewing nook!
It's bright and cozy and I can finally stop sewing at the kitchen table!
It got finished at the perfect time because I'm getting ready to sew table skirts for Doug's booth at the county bridal show. Lots and lots to do for that event so I may be scarce next week.
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jessica said...

*GASP* I LOVE your sewing nook!! I don't sew...but if I had a room like that I think I'd try harder!