Friday, January 23, 2009

Steal of the century!

I went to our local thrift store in hopes of getting one of those big metal teacher's desks to use as my garden potting bench. The store usually has one to two in stock a week so I was really bummed when they didn't have any the day I decided to get one!
Instead, I found this awesome retro desk for my bedroom:

It's long and heavy and perfect for crafting and sewing! It's got three deep drawers to store all my crap in.
I got it for a steal at only TEN DOLLARS!

I'm thinking I will paint it and that ugly brown bookcase next week and arrange both pieces so they look like one big wall unit. I was also thinking of decoupaging some cool scrapbooking papers to the drawer faces...but that might put Doug over the edge, I keep forgetting it's his room, too!
Send me a comment if you have any cool ideas for my steal of the century. I'll post pics when I have the project done!


Rachel said...

Maybe line the back of the bookshelves with the paper, and paint the drawer fronts a coordinating color? Either that, or do the bookshelf the same way as above, and just trim the desk/bookshelf in that color (a little less impact that way...

I've still not gotten my craft area worked on. I despise split shifts...ugh.

Rachel said...

Or, try this...