Sunday, September 28, 2008

Regency dress - a preview

I sewed most of the afternoon on Saturday and basically finished my regency dress (it still needs hemming and buttons). The pattern was easy to sew and it went together very well....but it's way too big on me! I need to take in the sleeve cuff and waistline, both are pretty easy alterations, it's just finding the time to do it!
I need opinions! Do I just take it in as it is pinned on the dress form? Do I add a waist sash (in that teal/olive green you see in the paisley) that ties in the back? Or do I put in the apron with the sash? I'm also going to shorten the length...I don't need to do housework in a full on gown!
Leave me a comment on how to fix this dress!

I think I'll make another one from one of my vintage sheets. It really is a simple, lovely little dress!

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Rachel said...

Love the dress! Part of me says to put a sash on it, and part of me says to make an apron (or part of one) from the teal.

Hmmmmm. So many ideas, so little time (and fabric!)

It looks lovely, and I bet it will be wonderful on you! And delightful fall colors, no less! ;-)