Thursday, September 25, 2008

Regency test run

I've been waiting for a trip to Houston to go fabric shopping for my regency dress pattern, but then I thought maybe I should make "test" version to see if I really like it! I went to the Walmart $2 bin and got this pretty fall paisley and a solid for a waistband and apron liner. I figure that it would be better to do it this way instead of ruining more expensive fabric.

I have grand plans this weekend to sew and watch hours and hours of Project Runway reruns!
And oh how I loves me some Project Runway! It's made sewing your own It's also brought back that lost art form.
When I was picking out this fabric I noticed lots of women looking through pattern books and browsing the fabric. There were several young mothers there with their little ones picking out costume patterns. It was very communal as we were waiting in line to get our fabric cut. Women commenting color combinations or asking questions about notions and such....makes me long for the days when quilting bees were a social occasion for women. I can just imagine lots of ladies sitting around a quilt sewing, talking, and drinking tea while their little ones played underfoot....Now it's Bunco, Pampered Chef, and gossip while the kids are at baseball and soccer practice! It leaves much to be desired.
Well, I'm off to cut my fabric and in the words of the super fabulous Tim Gunn, "Make it work!"


Linda said...

That is some amazing fabric for the $2 bin. It looks expensive!
I look forward to seeing what you creat with it.

Kalona said...

I think your regency dress will be pretty in that fabric, Joann. Good idea to test it out on less expensive fabric. They just took the fabric department out of our closest WalMart. I was so disappointed.

Rachel said...

Oh! I can hardly wait to see the finished product (or the in progress product, even, lol). Lovely fabric choices, too! Love the rich gold with the teal..

Nine (+) Texans and friends... said...

Nice fabric from the $2 bin, how come nice stuff is never there when *I* look. It is always fuschia wide wale corudroy or lime green fleece when I peek in.

PS. HEY I likes me some Bunco!!
I'm with the darlings the other 717 hours a month I figure 3 hours alone with their dad won't kill 'em...or will it:D