Friday, September 26, 2008

School ID's

I made the kids some "school" ID's this morning. We do go out and about when we are done with homework and folks always comment about the kids not being in school. Last week Ryan got harassed by the superintendent at the high school football game when he found out he was homeschooled. In Houston we never, ever were questioned. Homeschooling was very common in our area. Since moving to a small town, it seems like EVERYONE notices and wants to comment on the subject.
I read this article from the Homeschool Classroom and it sealed the deal on making some form of ID for the kids. On the back are Texas state laws regarding home education and the phone number to the Homeschool Legal Defense Association. I'm thinking of also adding some snarky little remark in case the kids get hassled!
I made these cards from free scrapbooking downloads from Peppermint Creative!


Nine (+) Texans and friends... said...

We get an ID card from MODG for 10-12th graders automatically and can request one of other students. The back says something to the effect of :
"This student has permission of myself and the parent to be out during school hours.
Signed, Laura Berquist Director......"

We've never had issues with people getting obnoxious about my kids being 'out' during school hours although a friend and her children were harassed by a truant officer in CT.

I can tell you part of the antgonism towards homeschoolers in our area comes from pride and not from the adminstrators/teachers but families in the school. Often 2,3,4 generations of families go through the local schools and they just can't comprehend WHY you would not want to send your children to their awesome, wonderful, family-oriented, football funded school.They take it as an insult that your kids are too good for their school.

JoAnnC. said...

I think it's the same thing here. You described the mentality spot on! The homeschooling population is growing out here, though. I was just floored when Ryan described his run in with the Superintendent. If it happens again, I'm making a phone call to HSLDA and following up with a letter....and maybe a kick to the throat!

Linda said...

Oh JoAnn, your comment made our day. I read it outloud to Tom and we'd both like to see that kick. You go, Girl!!