Monday, November 24, 2008

Airman Leadership School

Ryan spent the entire weekend at Airman Leadership School at Ellington Field. They spend their time in class learning about aerospace, CAP protocol, and lots and lots of PT and drills! When we picked him up Sunday evening he was exhausted, hungry, and quite smelly (3 days without a shower will do that to a guy!) He said he learned quite a bit and had a lot of fun. All I know is that it was a very quiet weekend without him!


Nine (+) Texans and friends... said...

Congrats to Ryan on completing his first ALS!

Jack is off to a CTEP the day after Thanksgiving and Ground Team School after Christmas. Jack is all about emergency services.

One of these days they'll probably end up at the same activity.

Is his squadron Group V or a different one?

JoAnnC. said...

Actually, it's his second ALS. Ryan was going to CTEP, but decided he wanted to stick around for the holiday weekend. I'm going to try to convince him he should go!
Ryan just went to some emergency training thing in Tomball last weekend (although he's still too young for search and rescue!)
I'd love for them to meet up...surely sometime they will.
Not sure what sq.# he is.

Nine (+) Texans and friends... said...

Awesome he is getting so into CAP! I love CAP, but you know that already.
Jack has only done 1 ALS, it was the first overnight CAP activity he ever did, he was only an A1C I think-he's a first master sgt or something now-he has Chief Mstr Sgt to go then tests for his Billy Mitchell Award/2nd Lt. We're hoping he has better luck then the current Chief who has taken the test for his Billy Mitchell NINE times and failed. Jack has already started studying.

Jack wasn't going to go to anything over the Christmas holiday as he felt he missed out when he went to encampment last year but he changed his mind. GTS is down around Brownsville-no barracks-they camp every night, hike all day. Real down and dirty SAREX type activities.

Ryan isn't too young for search and rescue. He can't do SAR from the air but he can do ground team. Jack is only 14 but qualified to be called out on ground teams. He has been put on alert once, but no missions yet.

Did I tell you I went to a CAP meeting? First one ever. Dh was in Paris so I took Jack and hung out. Met some senior members, saw what goes was great. I also now have the winning answer to strangest place you have ever nursed a baby :D