Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What's growing?

With the nice cool nights and recent rains, our fall garden has taken off nicely!
Last week I planted what I call the "salad bowl". It's not really a bowl, but a small raised bed where I planted lettuce seeds. You can just now see them breaking the surface:
It's really hard to space lettuce seeds (they're super tiny!) so I just took a palm full and scattered them in the row. I figure we can eat the tender little sprouts in "microgreen" salads until we get plants spaced like they should be!
And don't I sound all Food Network talking about microgreens and such?

The fall veggies are doing great! We'll be harvesting collard greens this week! You can harvest the outer leaves and the the plant will produce most of the winter. I'm going to have to find some different ways to fix greens or they'll probably be a mutiny!

I also planted some radish to go with our salad bowl! Radishes are the easiest thing to grow. They'll sprout wherever you throw them. Now I just have to convince the boys that eating them is a good idea!

Speaking of the boys...I had heard, "I'm bored!" for the umpteenth time and told them, "Go outside and grab a hammer and nails and build something!"
Well, they did.

They said they were building a clubhouse. I'm thinking more along the lines of a chicken coop or goat barn! It's actually very sturdy. I think I'll let them have their club for now...but come spring, mama may have other plans for new tenants!

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Rachel said...

Looks a little tall for a chicken tractor, but it could work...

GL getting some new "tenants".