Saturday, November 8, 2008

What I did on my Saturday afternoon...

It was wonderful!

Ok, not exactly nothing...after lunch we picked pecans and I sat at the picnic table to shell them.
All 4000 of them.
By myself.

I poured a nice tall cold glass of kombucha,

and settled into a gorgeous view (not a cloud in the sky!).

Kyle and JP come out to join me
(Danny was napping and Ryan was at Nana's house.)
JP is telling me jokes and stories
and Kyle was feeding Shorty all my freshly shelled pecans!

After JP drank the rest of my kombucha and refined his technique for burping his name,
(did I mention before that kombucha is highly effervescent and
JP drinks it for the SOLE purpose of making himself burp!)

JP says to me, "Mom, I wonder what dad is doing right now?"
Doug was shooting a wedding in Houston.
Me: "I'm sure he's having fun. He's probably dancing with a really pretty girl right about now!"
JP: rolls his eyes in disgust, "Dad would NEVER do that! He's....he's...he's your love puppet!"
Me: "Love puppet? What is that?"
JP: "You know, he's your puppet of love!"
Me: "So if daddy is my love puppet, what are you?"
JP: "Oh, I'm your love monkey! And Danny is your baby blue bird of love!"
Me: "That is so sweet! Tell me what Kyle and Ryan are."
JP: "Kyle is a dork and Ryan is a big lump of dumb!"

Ahhh...brotherly love!


Therese said...

pecans are my favourite nuts but we aren't growing any. I will have to look into it. We have an almond tree that has the first almonds on it. They ripen around January here. I don't think we will get too big a crop this year but next year hopefully.


Kalona said...

:o) What a dreamy afternoon you had. JP is a sweetie.

JoAnnC. said...

You might reconsider your comment when you hear this (I didn't post it on the blog because the big boys would have pounded JP!)
I also asked what Kyle and Ryan were. JP says:

"Kyle is a dork and Ryan is a big lump of dumb!"

Ahhh, brotherly love.

JoAnnC. said...

Oh what the heck, I'll post it! JP can take his chances with the big boys!

Linda said...

There should be some kind of award for wit for JP. That's great... made my day.
As for the pecans, I'm jealous again! I was hoping to make pecan shortbread this year for Thanksgiving and I'm going to have to buy pecans. sigh. I can't wait to see you what you make with all those! BTW, they do freeze very well.