Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pictures you WON'T see...

I decided that we needed to go ahead and get our boys Christmas card photo taken now since Doug is pretty busy in December. We scoured town for some picturesque sites, of which there are tons, but as you'll see, the boys weren't so cooperative.
It usually takes a hundred shots to get one usable one with our boys,
and here's why:

Of course, SOMEONE always ends up crying!

Could they be more bored?

Ummm Danny, the camera is THIS WAY!

See those expressions on JP and Dan?
They are on 90% of the other photos we took!

The walk of the living dead.

Someone always gets hurt, don't ask me why!
Here, Ryan falls off the railroad tracks and almost sprains his ankle!

Putting the little ones in a tree...what the hell was I thinking?

Ryan: "OK guys this is the last of the pictures! Danny you stand here, and Kyle you...

Yes, taking pictures with the Creamer kids is super-fun!
Check back later in the week for the photo we were able to PhotoShop enough to send out to everyone this Christmas!


Nine (+) Texans and friends... said...


So totally what happens to me everytime I try and get a group shot.
I don't need to tell you what it is like with 8 kids including two sullen pubescent boys, a goofy 5 yr old boy, a 2 year old with an awful fake 'camera face' and a baby.

Gifts for family this year will be a collage of picks-individuals of each child and 1 of the clan. I'd better get started!

Thank goodness for digital cameras! Imagine if we were paying to develop all these awful pictures!!!!!!!

I promise to share some of my unusable ones too.

CassB said...

HAhaha, family pictures are always fun....*sigh*

Linda said...

I was laughing out loud at your captions before the images even downloaded! Thanks for sharing. It's so encouraging when the Pro doesn't always get it right!

BTW, I like the one on the train tracks, even if R is losing his balance.

Kalona said...

I love them! Sometimes the "not so perfect" shots are the most real of all, and bring back the best memories.