Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Free lumber and slave labor

Our local hardware store discards wooden pallets free for the taking so we picked up a few and Doug and the boys set out to build me a bigger compost bin.
I had been using an old Rubermaid tub with holes drilled in it. It worked for a while, but it got full fast and was impossible to turn the compost over. This is the first bin, we'll need to head back to the discard pile to get some more pallets. I'd like to have three bins for the different stages of compost...and best of all, it cost us NOTHING!

Speaking of building, the boys have been sprucing up their clubhouse:

They spent most of their free time out here, they even dug a fire pit! They have decorated it and keep it cleaner than they keep their room. Kyle's been eyeing my pallets for scrap wood and we've been finding all sorts of projects you can make with this free resource:
Repurposing Pallets
Wood Pallet Projects
12 Creative Ways to Recycle Wooden Pallets (I want the chicken coop project from this one!)

1 comment:

Linda said...

It's starting to look like a true farm! Pippin saw the clubhouse photo and said, "That's beautiful!"

Nice job.