Saturday, November 29, 2008

Early Christmas!

Ever since starting this whole foods journey I have wanted a grain mill. I love to bake bread from scratch and having a mill to grind your own fresh nutritious flour is the ultimate! Grain mills are pretty darned expensive though, a decent one will cost you well over $200.
This morning I went to a sale at a local B&B and found this treasure...

...I thought to myself, surely it can't work properly if it's only
I took it up to the 90+ year old lady who was in charge and asked if it still worked. She smiled and said, "Oh yes! I must have made a thousand loaves of bread with that grinder!" She reassured me it was a good, solid machine (no cheap plastic parts!) and it even came with pure muslin bags for the flour!
It sounds as loud as a jet engine when it's turned on...but I don't care!

I found the owner's manual online: Lee Household Flour Mill

That sweet lady seemed genuinely happy that someone took her mill that would use it, and I'm thankful she had a mill to sell ('cause Santa wasn't going to be bringing me one this year!)

So don't be surprised if this year you get a loaf of homemade whole wheat, rye, or sprouted grain bread with your Christmas present
...and maybe a little pumpkin apple butter to go with it!


Linda said...

Looks like an oldie but a goodie! Good for you!
Let us know how the sprouted wheat goes. I'd like some good tips on that. (remember though, I'm all thumbs when it comes to baking bread)

jessica said...

What an incredible find!!! Merry Christmas to you! :) And only $5?! Amazing. Enjoy all the yummy bread.