Saturday, November 15, 2008

Estate sale finds

I headed out to an estate sale pretty early this morning and found some little treasures.
I got this lot of baskets for .25 a piece:

Then I found these sweet little napkins-a set of six for $1.50.
Who wouldn't love a basket adorned with one of these vintage napkins
and a little apple pumpkin butter, homemade bread, and Christmas cookies?

I almost overlooked this gingham tablecloth as was sorting through the table linens,
but then I saw this beautiful crocheted border and had to have it~

I also snatched up this handmade Christmas tree skirt. This yarn is the richest red I have ever seen! Someone worked hard and long on this project, I'll never understand how it could be tossed aside. It's definitely going around our tree this year!

I loves me some vintage pillowcases! There is something about the weave of the linen, it's much softer and thicker than the ones manufactured today.
These pastel colors will look so pretty on our bed!

And I don't care how ugly the yarn is, I LOVE these handmade afghans! Again, I just don't get how someone could throw these away?
I got them for a steal at $3 a piece!

Now I just need some cold, rainy weather and a cup of hot tea!


Linda said...

When you were out thrifting, I was just getting back to sleep!
That green afghan is very pretty.. the yarn is not at all ulgy. It's actually one of my favorite colors. You 'did real good' this time!

Linda said...

By the way, that green matches my sofa perfectly. When you get tired of it, I'll trade you one of my crocheted afgahns for it. :o)

Rachel said...

LOL--JoAnn, you always have the best luck!

No sales around here, unfortunately, and the thrift stores are...well, awful...guess I'll be heading up to the City and looking around up there...

But I kwym about seeing handmade things at sales--it always makes me sad, because you know that someone had put some time and effort into the making of it.....

Linda said...

Rachel, When I met my husband he had a large hand made afghan that an ex girlfriend had made! Well,after we were married a few years, I was tired of looking at it. With his permission, it went out!
So, lol, sometimes those hand made items need new homes.

jessica said...

I love the green afghan! Wish I had one right now, it's 28 degrees and windy! I also love the red santa basket! That's too cute.

You find the best items! The only thing I find is mainly crap. Although...I did find a little Mary statue this summer!!!

Linda said...

I was not coveting, I was complementing. :o)

I like it. It's not the green it appears to be in the photo, but I like it.

Thank you.