Friday, November 7, 2008

For all my Catholic peeps

I did a little thrifting today and found this awesome retro game:
"Is The Pope Catholic?"

The box was totally sealed and in mint condition, and hey, for a buck fifty I just couldn't pass it up! The gameboard is a rosary that you have to work your way around seven times.

Everyone starts out on the level of "altar boy" and the winner is the first one to reach the level of "Pope."

As you roll the dice, you advance to different (spaces) beads on the Rosary.

Some beads make you draw a "Vatican Vitals" card that have some really good catechism questions:

Some beads have the harder "Baltimore Bonus" card questions:

And some of the beads make you draw a "See Me After School" card! There are also "Sin" cards and "Graces" cards. All of these have moral dilemmas on them and are the equivalent of get out of jail cards or "do not pass go, do not collect $200!"

If you collect three "Venial Chips" you have to go to THE BOX!

I just love this game! I've been quizzing Doug all afternoon...he's gotten most of the questions right, and he's a post Vatican II baby!
I had to explain the the title of the game to Kyle, he had no idea what "Is the Pope Catholic?" it's his new catch phrase.
I wish I had a BOX to send him to!


Elena said...

What a great find. I'd love to be able to find that game - it would make a fabulous present too. Enjoy it with your family.
God Bless,
Elena :)

Veronica said...

You find the coolest stuff!!